The REALM Education

IMG_09061Homeschool Classes. Adventures. Tutoring. Fun. Summer Camp. Exploratory Learning. After School Classes. Piano Lessons…and more!

At The REALM we offer unique, ever-changing classes that have been created by our passionate and talented teachers. You can take everything from Algebra to Puppetry, History DNA to Writers Notebook. Each class curriculum focuses on essential questions that spur thought and encourage a deeper look into all aspects of learning. Basic skills such as reading, writing and computation are taught through fascinating learning explorations rather than in isolation. Kids learn to make meaningful connections to their learning as they gain confidence in their ability to navigate the learning opportunities all around them.

What We Do

The REALM offers a unique and innovative approach to what education can look like when an individual experience for each child is created based on their needs, their strengths and their goals. We provide authentic educational experiences that offer kids the ability to use their creativity, curiosity and passion to guide their learning.

Because we are not a traditional ‘school’, we offer an alternative educational experience for homeschooled children from a variety of backgrounds. Some children are ‘homeschooled’ through charter schools such as Sky Mountain or Golden Valley, while other children are homeschooled by their parents through a PSA.  For more information on the various options for legally homeschooling, check out our How to Homeschool page.

Some of our kids come to The REALM all day, everyday, using our classes as the backbone of their homeschool education. In these cases, we customize an educational plan that creates the best possible daily/weekly schedule for each child and their families. Their schedule can consist of small group class experiences, tutoring, music lessons, and individual study exploration time and excursions.

Some students use The REALM to supplement an already robust homeschool program of their own design, taking only a couple classes on various days. We believe that kids benefit greatly from parental involvement in real world education. We encourage parents to take advantages of all that Los Angeles (and the world) has to offer as we help our kids learn through observation, connection and action.

Some students, who attend more traditional schools, come to The REALM after school to experience our creative and fun learning opportunities. They can also take advantage of our experienced teachers for tutoring or add private music lessons to round out their afternoon.

When our classes are not in session, we offer zany and creative camps that offer ridiculous fun along with awesome learning experiences!  We have summer camp, winter camp, and spring break camp.

Check out “The Adventures of a Reluctant Homeschooler” by Erica Klein, a REALM parent. to see how The REALM can become a partner in your child’s education! The Adventures of a Reluctant Homeschooler