Hello, I’m Kimber, and I am a mother, sister, teacher, learner, artist, friend and explorer. When I was younger, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to many different countries – and lived for quite some time in Spain, Africa and England. This fueled my interest in different people, cultures and in all kinds of artistic creativity, as well as the desire to introduce students to the awesome artwork and techniques of artists from all around the world. My original background in Art History had me working on sets researching, designing and painting. Later I continued my education in Child Development, and in addition to teaching art from 1995 on, I also worked as a Pre-K teacher from 1999 to 2011.

I have always, in my many evolutions, been involved in art, and in teaching all ages of children in one way or another. I especially love being involved in education that supports artistic growth, self-awareness and creative expression, which encourages curiosity and exploration. My interests include the environment, community and rights issues. Whatever I do, wherever I am, I try to surround myself with people who inspire me, make me laugh and remind me about what really matters. I am so happy now that in the past several years that I’ve been working at The REALM, not only am I teaching and sharing things that I’m passionate about, but I’m also working with kids I adore and with people I admire – the BEST of all worlds! I’m so excited to be here!