Passion is the essence of our humanity. It’s what drives us to try new things and fully engage in our experiences. As a teacher, I encourage students to follow what they are passionate about because nothing is more beautiful than when we are able to follow that spark.

The REALM’s mission is very personal to me, as I was that student who didn’t quite fit the standard education model. I had the benefit of eventually finding a teacher who encouraged me to pursue what really spoke to me, rather than fall deeper into the trap of feeling like I didn’t belong. I know how important a good teacher can be, and I understand first hand how important it is to connect to students on what really drives them, rather than focusing on “flaws”. When we’re excited about what we’re doing we never want to stop! Ultimately, having a great time while learning is what I’m all about.

I love to act, strategize, play games, dance, thrill-seek, and any other new experiences that come my way! I feel incredibly blessed to begin my journey at The REALM and can’t wait to meet and work with all of you incredible REALMers!