I’ve been teaching for fifteen years.  I love teaching because I love learning.  I learn new things every day, and I like to share my learning experience with students.  I believe that the learning process and the development of a love for learning is more important than the particular knowledge grasped.  I think that a lot can be discovered by noticing what topics or types of information attracts a specific student, and that through building on those natural interests, the student – and teacher – can enrich their learning experience.  I think that students respond to people they can relate to, and so I believe it is important to develop an understanding and supportive relationship with them.  I think that listening to students is as important – or perhaps more important – than students listening to me.  I think that a lot of learning – and probably the most important learning – happens in between what we think of as lessons.  We learn things at lunchtime, and on the way to school, and when talking with our friends or teachers outside of the classroom environment.  We learn things for ourselves when our natural curiosity is aroused.  As a teacher, I hope to facilitate that sort of natural learning by exciting students about learning and providing an atmosphere where learning is encouraged.  My Educational background is in Fine Arts, History, and Philosophy.  I’m self-taught in a variety of other areas including Language Arts, Math and Science.  I love the outdoors and specifically enjoy the beach, I find it at once soothing and thrilling – a place of beauty and endless wonder, an ideal learning environment.