I love John Keats, Hinduism and the Green Bay Packers.  I love the Ramones, playing soccer and the elves from Lord of the Rings.  I love The REALM Academy and I absolutely love what I do.

Working with kids is a passion, and – I humbly submit – a gift.  My childcare background includes five years nanny work in Madison, Wisconsin including tutoring, mentoring, and working with special-needs children.  After moving to California in 2015, I became connected with The REALM.  I feel The REALM Academy is on the front-edge of education and I am blessed to be a part of it.  I learn from the kids every day and their life-affirming joy makes my life full.

I am a singer/songwriter, play guitar and spent years onstage performing solo and leading power-pop bands.  I think all three of my siblings are comedic masterminds, and hope to one day be an average to above-average surfer.  I’m a vegetarian and meditate daily.  I also love California.