Our Approach

The REALM Pillars

  1. Look for opportunities to be kind.
  2. Be accountable for your choices.
  3. Be mindful – have awareness of yourself, others and your environment.
  4. Embrace difference with an open mind.
  5. Support the greater good.

Our Mission

The mission of The REALM Creative Academy is to provide creative, rich and diverse experiences in which all students are both honored for their unique strengths and inspired to take a step outside the box in order to embrace possibility and seize their greatness.

Our Style

We love and nurture kids. We escort them towards success. We honor their strengths and support them through challenge. We invite them to take risks. We coach them through trials, and celebrate their triumphs.

Our Intention

  • Embrace students, classrooms, and schools in their journey towards, knowledge, enrichment, and success
  • Offer unique experiences in the arts that support and guide students through self discovery and growth.
  • Help students take risks in directions that diversify their abilities, thus broaden their scope and confidence
  • Infect students’ minds with the passion for learning
  • Inspire community and nurture connection

About The REALM

The REALM Creative Academy grew in response to the lack of creative outlets for children in many of the schools and communities today. As more emphasis is continually being placed upon test scores as a means for determining a child’s level of success, we have noticed extremely talented and powerful children losing faith in their academic and artistic potential.

After many brainstorm sessions with immensely passionate educators, artists and parents, The REALM began to take shape. We realized the potential for change was greatest if we could offer a versatile space in which diverse groups of students could receive support both individually and within group classes. We set out to develop exciting, crazy, diverse classes in both the academics and the arts (and of course the combination of the two!)  Our mission to help kids Seize Their Greatness includes meeting with school heads regularly to construct programs that help schools and students meet their needs. We want to encourage kids to take outrageous risks and explore life through dynamic curriculum and memorable experiences.

A Lab for Peace Literacy

After completing an incredible workshop with some incredible humans at The Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, I realized how many ways the environment, communication style, mindset and choices at The REALM foster the nurturing of our Non Physical Needs.  Doing so allows us to support students not just in academic growth but in their ability to understand and work towards the betterment of humanity.

At The REALM we always believe that authentic learning takes place through actual practice, doing and living. Rather than just teach the Peace Literacy curriculum and ideals, we should also live it. Below are the ways in which The REALM’s structure, vision and style work toward meeting these non physical needs whereas traditional school structure does not, at all. The Peace Literacy workshop helped me realize and put into words that by focusing on and meeting these human needs, The REALM has created an oasis within a turbulent world. I think that there is an opportunity here to align The REALM style of education within the structure of Peace Literacy. 

I would love for part of The REALM’s mission to be helping to develop and teach the peaceful warriors the world needs. I believe that the need is now stronger than ever.