Winter Camp: Reconnect!

December 21 – January 8

Welcome to our favorite time of year!  It’s time to safely reengage with small energetic cohorts of people in the beautiful outdoors!!  It is time for your child to experience connectedness and develop social skills in a safe, creative and loving environment. The Realm has merged adventure, creativity, learning, and making memories in a way that exceeds required safety standards. 

Outdoor Adventure Camps 9am – 2pm

Ages: Youngers 5-8  and Olders 8+

‘Tis the season to explore the Great Outdoors and have a wheel barrel of fun in the process! Let your child have the best socially distant days of his or her life!  Hiking, games, experiments and explorations all day, everyday. Bam! Plenty of fabulous science activities like Ice Cream Making, Elephant Toothpaste, and Fun Flying Objects will add to the fun.  Plus, each day there will be a creative opportunity to experience (Spoiler Alert, painting with your toes using chocolate might occur).Our counselors are loving, energized, and chomping at the bit to share the trails and fresh air with our campers.   Make these Holiday Moments Memorable for your child!  Join us at Adventure Camp!!

Meet everyday at the same park for a week of fun including outdoor science/arts & crafts/ games/ picnic/ hiking and more!!

Week 1  Drop off and Pick up at Kenneth Hahn State Park

Week 2  Drop off at Temescal Canyon State Park

Week 3  Drop off and Pick up at Kenneth Hahn State Park

Take a look at the zaniness in store

Week 1: Finding Your Bliss               Dec 21 – 23 

It’s time to spice up your child’s life and give them access to paint, glue guns, and loads of art supplies to ignite their creative juices. AND, we will be sprinkling in some science by making Snowman Launchers, Engineering Kaleidoscopes, and making our own Ice Cream!! Join us this week to create Glitzy Garland, Spice Up the World Joy Rocks, and Cozy cottages. Plus, our silly games are sure to spur belly aching laughter. We will be enjoying games like- Bounce it out, penny hose, and the Elephant Smash.   It is TIME to turn up the joy in the World. 


Week 2: Making Memories               Dec 28 – 31

Who DOESN’T want to create fabulous memories?  We are exploding with ideas over here at The REALM that could kick up the joy meter in your child’s life.  We have games planned that will be a hoot while socially distanced of course!! Hello “Minute to Win It” games.  Is your child good at shooting rubber bands, stacking cups, and ping pong tic tac toe?  Come find out.  Also, with a new year heading in hard and fast we have merged some science and art.  We will be making Over the Moon Kites!  Not only will they launch off into the sky, stunning creativity will be on display as well! We will also make memories with glitzy, gaudy frames and silly photo shoots, 2021 Wish Jars, AND Balancing Robot challenges. Seriously?! What are you waiting for? Join in the fun today!


Week 3: Re Imagine                            Jan 4 – 8  

Well, Sizzle my Cupcakes!  It is time to pop out and join the fun!  Life is too short not to brighten up the world! This week we will be popping out of our art (no, really), weaving Wall Art, making Silly Slippers (totally serious), and making sock monsters (yep, it’s happening)! We also will be making delectable dough, clever arcade games, and mind-bending magic tricks!  Plus, it is a week dedicated to games with Solo Cups!  Did you know there are hundreds!!  Who knew that one trip to the dollar store could provide hours of fun!! Time to venture in and experience the fun!

Check out our video and get a glimpse into REALM Camp!

Cost for Creative Camp & Outdoor Adventure Camp

Week  1 (3 days)      $270/week

Week 2  (4 days)      $360/week

Week 3  (5 days)      $450/week

* Sorry, no refunds on camp days

  • The REALM Creative Camp welcomes campers Ages 5-10
  • Outdoor Adventure Camp will split into 2 groups: Ages 5-8 and Ages 8&up
Additional Information

Extremely Limited Space: Due to Covid-19 restrictions, The REALM can only offer 12 spots in our Creative Camp and 24 (split into 2 groups of 12) in our Outdoor Adventure Camp per week.  Also, for safety reasons, campers are required to sign up for an entire week.

Pick Up & Drop Off:  There is a 10-minute grace period for drop-offs and pick-ups. Please drop off and pick up campers at The REALM entrance.  To minimize contact, we ask that parents and guardians remain in the car.  Also be aware that Covid-19 screening will take place prior to drop off.

  • Campers should come dressed in clothes they can get messy in.
  • Campers should bring a lunch, including snacks, and a water bottle.
  • Campers should come with sunscreen already applied.

 * Parents, please be sure to pack ample food as campers burn a lot of energy and get very hungry!

Covid-19 Protocols:

Face Coverings/Masks must be worn at all times when inside the building.  Students and staff may take “mask breaks” when needed by stepping outside to our front yard. Campers will never be left unattended.

Upon Drop Off students and parents will sign a daily attestation form declaring that they are COVID-19 symptom free, have not knowingly had contact with a COVID-19 positive person in the past 14 days, and agree to follow social distancing guidelines/mask guidelines. Students will have temperatures checked and recorded.

What is REALM Camp?

Escondido Falls, Malibu

While REALM Camp has become famous for our zany adventures, amazing art projects and our extraordinary, loving counselors, it’s more than that…

The REALM Camps are about doing the things you love while trying things that you have never done before. It’s about the joy of learning something new about yourself, or discovering a hidden talent or passion. It’s about stepping “outside the box,” feeling inspired and inspiring others. It’s about creating, learning, reflecting and sharing. It’s about exploring our world like a playground with a careful eye and open heart. It’s about unfiltered fun, contagious laughter and delight of exhaustion after a full day of adventure!

There are a zillion camps out there. What differentiates The REALM Camps from all others?


Our Philosophy

First and foremost, we want campers to have a ridiculously fun time. In addition, we also feel that we have a unique opportunity to help kids step out of their ordinary routine and jump into possibility, try something new and Seize their Greatness!!


Our Style

We love and nurture kids. We escort them towards success. We honor their strengths and support them through challenge. We invite them to take risks. We encourage them towards choices that work for both themselves and others. We honor, invite and look forward to each and every teachable moment.


Unique to REALM Camps

– The combination of artistic, academic & social education offered in combination and with equal importance
– Educators trained to teach in a style that encourages creativity and honors students unique strengths, passions and learning preferences
– Our ability to create distinctive opportunities that are designed to prepare students to thrive in an ever changing and constantly progressing world
– A constant consideration of everyone’s unique learning needs and a commitment towards getting those needs met!
– An unwavering commitment to the growth, joy and connection to every single camper at The REALM!


Our Activities

While many camps specialize heavily in one area such as arts, music, sports, etc., at The REALM Camps, we provide a wide variety of experiences and activities that will allow kids to freely work their creative muscles! Throughout our camp days, kids at The REALM are experiencing learning through doing, creating, collaborating and playing. Kids will start each day with some open play time followed by The Morning HUB! (High Fives & Hugs, Uh-nouncments, Breakdown).

Next stop: 3+ hours of fun! Kids will rotate through 2-3 activities that range from creative art projects and experiences relevant to the days theme to classes in science, music, puppetry, botany, yoga, theater, martial arts and more!

Lunch can happen at the center or on the go. Campers should pack a healthy lunch, snacks, and a refillable water bottle.


Our Staff

Our staff is like none other. It’s one thing to have a great mission and program of events, but all that is only a vision without awesome implementation. Our staff is dedicated. Our staff is creative and smart. Our staff is super experienced. Our staff feels like family. They will love your children unconditionally and believe in them relentlessly. From drop off to pick up, teachers are together with the kids to connect throughout the day!