Private Tutoring

An Approach as Unique as Each Student…

Here at The REALM, we believe that academic success can only be achieved if the whole child is taken into consideration when setting goals, developing a plan, and guiding students towards growth and understanding. We understand that each student learns differently and we tailor each individual session to match that student’s learning style.

REALM tutors can support students to reach individual academic goals, as needed.  REALM tutors can also support students to investigate and dig deeper into an area that excites them.  Our tutoring will be as unique as your child!!

Prior to creating a fully customized plan, tutors will meet with the students to assess their current skill level. Tutoring sessions are offered any time of day, not just after-school.  This allows us to meet the scheduling demands of each student and to provide an optimal learning experience.

Tutoring is available in all academic subject areas and can be custom-tailored to fit any of your learning objectives.  We offer tutoring in math, literacy (reading, writing, and comprehension), science, and Spanish.  We have also worked with kids to create projects they designed, so bring your ideas!

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