The REALM Summer (Online)

Passionate Amazing Teachers + Massively Creative Hands-on Curriculum + SO Much Learning = REALM Summer…Online!

Ever wonder what learning at The REALM is like?  Now, no matter where you are in the world, you can try out learning with some of the most amazing, creative and incredible REALM teachers!

This summer, The REALM will be sharing some of our best classes for deeply discounted rates.  We understand that many people are struggling, unemployment is high, kids need to keep that creativity flowing – it is TIME to Rally Together!!    We want to make the impossible possible for as many people as possible. (Wow, is it possible to say possible more?)

Each 2 week workshop will meet for 1 hour, Monday -Thursday.  Upon registration you will be given a Google Classroom code and a Zoom Meeting ID.  Teachers will reach out to you with supply lists and any important workshop information! We have kept Fridays open as we hope soon to offer some small group hikes, outdoor adventures and meetup as soon as we are given the green light!

Session FOUR Online Workshops: July 27 – 30 & August 3 – 6

Click here for a Printable PDF:  Session 4 Summer

Session FIVE Online Workshops: August 10 – 14 & August 18 – 21

Click here for a Printable PDF:  Session 5 Summer

Friday Outdoor Adventures

Anybody ready for a little outdoor education? The REALM has been aching to get back out in nature with kids and we are excited to announce that beginning Friday, July 3rd, we will be hosting Friday Outdoor Adventures! This class will combine science, history, fun AND connection as we explore and conquer some of the most wondrous and beautiful local spots!

Outdoors + Education + Loads of Fun = Realm’s Friday Outdoor Adventures!

 Let’s Go!!

Session 4 Outdoor Adventures

Friday, August 7th – Will Rodgers  10am – 3pm


Beginning Session 5, hikes will take place everyday!!

Outdoor  Adventures- Beaches & Parks (11am-3pm)(8+) – Nathan, Josh, & Kara

Monday – Friday, $100 per daily adventure – Sign up by the day or week!


Mon, Aug 10 Temescal – Nate & Kara

Tues, Aug 11 Temescal – Nate & Josh

Wed, Aug 12 Palisades Beach Hike: Nate & Kara

Thurs, Aug 13 Will Rogers – Kara & Josh

Fri, Aug 14 Will Rogers – Nate & Kara


Mon, Aug 17 Temescal – Nate & Kara

Tues, Aug 18 Temescal – Nate & Josh

Wed, Aug 19 Palisades Beach Hike – Nate & Kara

Thur, Aug 20 Will Rogers – Kara & Josh

Fri, Aug 21 Will Rogers – Nate & Kara 


Parent Drop-Off and Pick-Up on Site – Specific details will be given upon registration

While we are so excited to see you, will need to operate differently than we have in the past to be in accordance with LA Department of Public Health Protocol, CDC guidelines, and all the city / state / county regulations and restrictions. The max allowable number of children in each group is 10. For our younger explorers, our max will be 8. Upon registration you will be given a document detailing all of our safety protocols, including waivers and daily self-screening attesting of health status. Here is a summary of our plan to stay as safe as possible while out in nature.

The Format of Our Classes

Our classes are kept small with the ideal class size being 8 or fewer students. We are not a traditional school where students have textbooks and are sent home with homework. This allows us to individualize the learning experience for each student. Some classes tend to be more academic in their design, such as our math and history classes, while others allow children to learn about science and history in a less traditional manner. Additionally, classes like Nature Tribe, Living on the Edge, and Marine Biology & Oceanography take students out of the center for an outdoor learning experience!

Choosing Classes

During the school year, choosing classes at The REALM can feel similar to choosing college courses! There are so many different options it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. We recommend looking through the schedule and class descriptions with your child and see what lights a little spark!


At The REALM, our classes are multi-disciplinary covering various learning goals often across many subject areas. Classes like Journey to Hogwarts, for example, will include writing, reading, math, scientific investigation, creative arts, etc.

Teaching Styles and Learning Preferences

Our teachers bring with them a multitude of different teaching styles. It can be a great experience for your child to both take classes with teachers that have similar learning styles as well as those who are very different. Feel free to come and observe our teachers to see these various styles at work!