The REALM Spring Semester 2021

In Person Camps

The REALM will always find a way to create incredible learning…this semester, it’s through In Person Camps!

The Realm Spring Semester Camps are a new opportunity for members of our community to connect safely, learn, get creative, and explore education together, In Person.  Following State and Health Department guidelines, The REALM has created our version of  learning vivaciously during the pandemic.  Life always hands us limits and change.  The important thing to do is focus on what can be done vs. what can’t.  Learning and discovery have shifted during COVID, but there are new roads to pave towards meaningful and fruitful education.  

We have created 3 separate In Person Camps to meet the conditions in an inspiring way for Spring: Roots and Branches Camp (ages 5-7), Wide-Eyed and Open Hearted Camp (ages 8-10), and Cosmic Adventure Squad Camp (ages 11-14). Campers may attend everyday, M-W-F or T-Th for a three hour block of awesomeness! Click on the links below to learn more about each camp and the adventure that awaits. 

As we dig our roots into yummy science experiments, questions about the universe, and tools to make us better citizens; We stretch our branches towards understanding what inspires us to learn, entices us to take creative risks, and explore what it means to be a peace-leader. This camp is packed with opportunities to explore inside and outside the classroom.

It is with awe and curiosity, that we can tread into exploration of all things to unlock understanding. Let’s activate our WONDER!!! In small groups, we build, publish, adventure, and perform.  Our mission is to ignite curiosity while drenched in fun.

There are no Earthly limits to the amount of memories to be gained throughout this adventure. By presenting alluring nuggets of curiosity about ourselves, our world, and the universe; we will investigate, debate, inquire, and think outside the box. This group can be prepared to stretch, create, collaborate, and scout out truth and wisdom.

In Person Camps at The REALM

The REALM has decided to hold a small amount of in person camps to support families and kids who are struggling from the massive ripple effects of COVID-19.  Our teachers have our full support in choosing to teach online and/or in person and our number one goal is their safety, health and security.  If at any point The REALM believes that the dangers outweigh the benefits of hosting classes in person, we will convert all classes to online experiences.


Here is the plan:

– Most camp activities will be held outside. However, if needed, we will have three learning areas at The REALM with separate entrances, restrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas. Most camp activities will be held outside.

– One camp will be held from 9am – 12pm, two will be held from 12:30-3:30

– Each age group will remain in their own camp space and will never comingle with other groups

– You may choose to sign up for M-F, M-W-F, or T-Th camp

– Parents/Guardians must drop off kids without entering The REALM and protective masks must be worn at all times.

– The REALM is adhering to STRICT cleaning/disinfecting protocols throughout the day and no materials or supplies will be shared.

– The REALM is committed, through all of the best practices in safety, we will focus lots of energy on making sure that kids (and families) feel loved, inspired, connected and safe.

Spring 2021 Semester Camps
Camps begin: Wednesday, January 20
Camps end: Thursday, June 10

  • No Camps Presidents Day: February 15
  • No Camps during Parent-Teacher Conferences: March 25 – 26
  • No Camps during Spring Break: March 29 – April 9
  • No Camps during REALM Adventure: May 5 – 8
  • No Camps Memorial Day: May 31
  • Field Day: June 10

Join In!

Create a Profile
Prior to signing up for any REALM programs, please create a profile for your child by clicking ‘Register Now’ in the menu, and then select ‘View’ beside Create a Profile.

How to Enroll
Because student schedules at The REALM are highly customized, the first step to enrolling in camps is for us to get to know you. Please contact Cyndy via email at to schedule a meeting with one of our Co-Directors, Vicky or Jessie.