The REALM Fall 2020 – Hybrid Plan

The REALM will always find a way to create incredible learning…this semester, it’s online with in person options available!

In order to confront this pandemic with force and intention, we are taking a hybrid approach.  We have decided to offer the majority of our classes online.  We stand firm on keeping families, teachers, and our community safe during these times. Our goal is to offer a diverse array of academic and artistic classes that everyone can have access to online through The REALM.  

The REALM also recognizes that for some, the need for in person instruction is essential. We have created a small in person schedule to support the needs of these families. We ask that ALL of our families reserve the spots in the in-person REALM classes for those who are needing it the most within our community:

  • Parents who are First responders who need support during school hours.
  • Parents who must work during school hours to provide for their families.
  • Kids who really struggle with virtual learning.
  • Kids who are experiencing depression from limited human contact.
  • Parents who are experiencing depression or anxiety during the pandemic.
  • Parents whose health (not relating to COVID) limits their child’s access to learning at home.

For families who choose the in person options, Space is EXTREMELY limited.  It will also be required for families to choose from half day or full day blocks each day.  The schedule has been designed to minimize excessive contact.

In Person Learning at The REALM

The REALM has decided to hold a small amount of in person classes to support families and kids who are struggling from the massive ripple effects of COVID-19.  Our teachers have our full support in choosing to teach online and/or in person and our number one goal is their safety, health and security.  If at any point The REALM believes that the dangers outweigh the benefits of hosting classes in person, we will convert all classes to online experiences.

Here is the plan:

– We will have three learning areas at The REALM (and Saint Phillips Church) with separate entrances, restrooms, kitchens and outdoor areas.

– Three classes will take place each hour between 9am – 3:30pm for the following age groups: 5-7’s, 8-10’s and 11+.

– Each age group will remain in the same learning space, teachers will come to them.

– You may sign up for either block of 3 hours (9-12 or 12:30-3:30) OR for the whole day (9-3:30) with an option to stay until 4:30.

– You may sign up for as many days as you need

– Parents/Guardians must drop off kids without entering The REALM and protective masks must be worn at all times.

– The REALM is adhering to STRICT cleaning/disinfecting protocols throughout the day and no materials or supplies will be shared.

– The REALM is committed, through all of the best practices in safety, we will focus lots of energy on making sure that kids (and families) feel loved, inspired, connected and safe.

Online Learning at The REALM

No matter what happens this Semester, these classes will remain online. Throughout the past 6 months, our teachers have been growing, stretching and revising their curriculum to make online learning as dynamic, interactive and personal as possible.

Here is the plan:

– Each class will meet LIVE online every week and many will come with a learning crate full of supplies (can be picked up or delivered)

– Google Classrooms will be used to organize, share and collect student work. Parents and kids can easily access all materials, recorded classes and assignments throughout the semester.

– The REALM is finding exciting ways to change up the online experience to keep it fresh and engaging – look forward to some silly group games, amazing guest speakers, virtual trips to on location learning and more!!

– Students work will be celebrated in another amazing online open house!!

The REALM Spring Semester 2020