REALM Classes

Spring 2021 Semester 
First day of classes: Wednesday, January 20
Last day of classes: Thursday, June 10

  • No Classes Presidents Day, February 15
  • No classes during Parent-Teacher Conferences: March 25 – 26
  • No classes during Spring Break: March 29 – April 9
  • No Classes Memorial Day, May 31
  • Open House: June 10

Join In!

Create a Profile
Prior to signing up for any REALM programs, please create a profile for your child by clicking ‘Register Now’ in the menu, and then select ‘View’ beside Create a Profile.

How to Enroll
Because student schedules at The REALM are highly customized, the first step to enrolling in classes is for us to get to know you. Please contact Cyndy via email at to schedule a meeting with one of our Co-Directors, Vicky or Jessie.

Online Classes

Come online with us and Ignite your Curiosity!
While we don’t love oodles of screen time, we do believe that creating connection, sharing joy and sparking creativity is paramount during this strange time.  Take a look and see all of the incredible learning adventures that can be taken all from your couch 🙂 Kids can participate in unique enrichment classes allowing for hands-on, authentic learning experiences guided by our loving, patient, and super passionate teachers!

The Format of Our Classes

Our classes are kept small with the ideal class size being 8 or fewer students. We are not a traditional school where students have textbooks and are sent home with homework. This allows us to individualize the learning experience for each student. Some classes tend to be more academic in their design, such as our math and history classes, while others allow children to learn about science and history in a less traditional manner. Additionally, classes like Beach Combers, Hikers Club, and Art & About, take students out of the center for an outdoor learning experience.

Choosing Classes

Choosing classes at The REALM can feel similar to choosing college courses! There are so many different options it can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming. We recommend looking through the schedule and class descriptions with your child and see what lights a little spark! Then keep the followings things in mind as you plan your learning adventure:



At The REALM, our classes are multi-disciplinary covering various learning goals often across many subject areas. Classes “about” Egypt, for example, will include writing, reading, math, scientific investigation, creative arts, music, etc. Classes will teach kids how to learn and how to connect and share their ideas about what they have learned.


Teaching Styles and Learning Preferences

Our teachers bring with them a multitude of different teaching styles. It can be a great experience for your child to both take classes with teachers that have similar learning styles as well as those who are very different. Feel free to come and observe our teachers to see these various styles at work!


Suggested Ages

Almost all classes at The REALM are multi-age to some extent. We believe that all children learn at individual rates and therefore are ready for certain classes at varying ages. While we give suggested age ranges for all of our classes in order to help parents understand the overall “level” of the class, we look at each unique student individually to best meet their academic and social-emotional needs.

Interested in some of our literacy classes? Read over our Stages of Literacy to get an idea of which classes might be the best fit.


Quests launched in Fall 2014, and is a series of experiences and workshops designed to enhance learning and skill sets for our more mature and advanced learners. Quest students form a learning community that meets two days a week for several hours each day. Much of their learning occurs offsite in the surrounding community, and encourages active research with experiential integration. REALM staff escorts students through each stage of expansive investigations and skills development.


IMG_3401 (1)


Journeys is an inspired, adventurous, learning community. Each semester the theme will guide the exploration. Students will saturate themselves with experiences, observations, encounters, and information to help them internalize meaningful thematic content. From this saturation period, students will search for what inspires them. Then, they will dig deeper into research while designing creative ways to showcase their knowledge and insights. Prepare for exciting excursions out in the world, insightful discoveries, research development and mini-lessons, and a memorable event and showcase! It is mind-blowing goodness.



Visionaries are forward-thinking kids, who let their questions lead. This is the students’ opportunity to be part of an inquisitive, analytical community for 3 1/2 hours per week. We adventure outside of The REALM and experience the wild ways information is disseminated throughout this city. We meet experts in the field, eat up our natural surroundings, and practice asking questions that deepen our understandings. Visionaries are constantly thinking about what’s next. We investigate the present to inspire the future. Kids come up with unique useful ideas that will better our world. Visionaries practice public speaking and going back to the drawing board to bring their ideas to life. We wrap up with a culminating presentation for all to cheer. Past themes include: Invention Convention and Back to The Future.