Summer Camp

Camp Groups


1/2 Day Campers (recommended for all 3 year olds): Art and Science Exploration
For younger campers just getting used to being in a creative, lively and multi aged environment, we find that starting with half days is a strong way to build a love of camp and the independence it offers! This option is also available for any EXPLORERS needing to be picked up by 12:30. Please send campers with a lunch and snacks, and a reusable water bottle.


Youngers (ages 4-8): Art, Science, Outdoors (at parks/attractions nearby)
Younger campers will be further broken up into smaller groups based roughly on age to take part in daily art and science explorations. Some weeks will end in performances for campers and parents both to enjoy!! Every afternoon, campers will enjoy nature at its best! Please send campers with a change of clothes, sunscreen applied, lunch and snacks, a reusable water bottle, and a towel every day.


Olders (9 & up): Art, Science, Excursions    *no ½ day option, adventurers will be gone until 3:00 most days
Older Campers will take at least 3 weekly excursions traveling via foot, bus or train to local wonders such as Malibu Creek, The Santa Monica Pier, California Science Center, Benihana, the Beach and more!! They will take part in 2 or more days of creative art projects and science exploration galore! Please send campers with a change of clothes, sunscreen applied, lunch and snacks, a reusable water bottle, and a towel every day.

Camp Itinerary

Amusement Park Mayhem

Week 1:   June 12 – 16

Create carnival games out of everyday items and recycled materials, explore face painting, learn to “clown around” circus style with Madame Chocolat, and enjoy the yummy science of ice cream and rock candy! Adventurers will head out to the Santa Monica Pier, the “Best Park Ever” excursion and Beach Day for fun in the sun!

Week  2:   June 19 – 23

Campers will create small versions of amazing carnival rides, delve into a collaborative carousel project, build marble runs and play with Newton’s laws of gravity. Campers will also experiment with centripetal force to gain some insight into how it all works! Adventurers will head to the California Science Center, Tongva Park and the Beach for more “amusing” fun!

Kingdom Animalia

Week 3:   June 26 – 30 

Scales, feathers, and fur, oh my! This week, campers will be capturing the beauty of animals through mixed media art projects, stuffy sewing, paper mache creatures and more. We will have a hands-on experience with animals at The REALM as our Adventurers visit STAR Eco Station and watch for wildlife at Malibu Lagoon.

Week 4:   July 3 – 7    (**No Camp July 4**)

Bugs and fish and fish and bugs!! Campers will take a closer look at all of the scaly and spineless wonders of the sea, and delightful creepy crawlies as they recreate them through various creative art projects. Adventurers will take a closer look at the Heal the Bay Aquarium and look for the sea life at Topanga Beach and Malibu Feed!

Space Race

Week 5:   July 10 – 14

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, existed a REALM of unlimited possibility…wait a minute…it still exists!! Come join us as we create space-themed art at light speed. Campers will explore gravity and build their own air-powered stomp rockets. We will travel through our solar system as we explore the planets, make galaxy dough, moon dust paint, and more! Adventurers will head to the IMAX Theater (TBD), Solstice Canyon and the Beach!

Week 6:   July 17 – 21

This week, we will create our own jet packs and blast off to different galaxies to explore and imagine alien life!! Campers will study constellations, create UFOs and experiment with materials that glow in the dark. Adventurers will visit the Endeavor, climb rocks at Temescal Canyon and head to the beach to round out the week!

If You Build It

Week 7:   July 24 – 28

Campers will challenge each other to create bigger, taller, faster and more unique structures of all kinds! Egg towers, catapults, Giant Jenga, rubber band racers and more will be designed and created by every camper. They will also work on creating their own dream house out of any material they can find. Adventurers will check out the magical houses in Angels Attic in Santa Monica, the Museum of Jurassic Technology and build awesome sand castles at the Beach!

Week 8:   July 31 – August 4

Campers will learn to build both artistic and sturdy structures as they make Kinesthetic Sculptures, Sponge Grass Houses, Calder Sculptures and more! Kids will also collaborate on a giant box playhouse to be displayed at the end of the week! Adventurers will build their own fro-yo creations at Yogurtland, check out the structures at the Getty Villa and have fun in the sun at the Beach!

Lights, Camera, Action

Week 9:   August 7 – 11

Our obsession with The Muppets has led us to create an entire week of Puppets and performance! Campers will then try their hand at making puppets of all shapes and sizes including shadow puppets, sock puppets, stick puppets, finger puppets, and Muppets! By Friday, campers will be ready to delight us all with an amazing puppet performance. Adventurers will head to Jim Henson’s Muppet Workshop, The Grammy Museum and our beautiful beach!

Week 10:   August 14 – 18

For our last week of camp, go big or go home!! Campers will create costumes, set pieces and inventive stories to be performed on Friday for all to enjoy: think huge masks, colorful costumes and larger-than-life sets. Adventurers will head to see the zany Ripley’s Believe It or Not, create an outdoor adventure film at Temescal Canyon and finish our summer with one last amazing Beach Day!!