Camp Everlasting – Summer 2022

Roots and Branches  (ages 5 – 7)

June 20th – August 12th

As we dig our roots into yummy science experiments, questions about the universe, and tools to make us better citizens; We stretch our branches towards understanding what inspires us to learn, entices us to take creative risks, and explore what it means to be a peace-leader.  After a year of being apart, this camp is purposefully packed with learning opportunities to explore inside and outside the classroom while supporting kids as they reconnect, collaborate and work together!!

Each week with a different theme!

Week #1 – June 20 – 24 – Outward Boundless

Week #2 – June 27 – July 1 – Mysteries, Escape Rooms, Strategic Games and Perplexing Puzzles

Week #3 – July 5 – 8 – The Science of EVERYTHING!

Week #4 – July 11 – 15 – Builder’s Paradise & Inventors Forum

Week #5 – July 18 – 22 – Realm Amusement Park and Arcade

Week #6 – July 25 – 29 – Witches, Wizards & Spells

Week #7 – Aug 1 – 5 – Gamers on ADVENTURES!

Week #8 – Aug 8 – 12 – Natural Wonders – Soakin’ up Summer Adventure


Half-Day Program (9am – 12pm)

During our morning hours, when our brains are fresh and ready for challenge, our learners will be sharpening their literacy, math and STEAM skills through games, stories, projects and more!  We will work on our communication skills and learn how to joyfully navigate a shared learning environment after being away from others for so long.

Full-Day Program (9am – 3pm)

After a morning of curiosity filled learning, for the second half of our day we are off into nature to enjoy the sun on our face, the breeze on our backs and the bounce in our step!  We will play team games, challenge our physical prowess, and GET DIRTY!! With the beach just 4 blocks away and a zillion great parks at our disposal, we will have never ending fun!


Extended Day Program (9am – 5pm)

Not ready to go?  Stay for a little extra fun with some games, stories and creativity.



Half Day Program $450/week

Full Day Program $650/week

Extended Day Program $750/week

**Week #3 is a 4-day camp week and is prorated accordingly

**While this program runs for 8 weeks, you may choose to join us for only some of the weeks so that your family can have your own summer time fun!  

There is a $15 fee per occurrence for any early drop offs or late picks ups.


No refunds are given for missed or canceled camp days.

 Camp Everlasting

(Weeks #2, 4, 5, 6, 8 ~ Ages 8 – 11)

(Camp Weeks #1, #3 and #7 ~ Ages 8 – 13)

June 20 – August 12

Calling all innovators, creators, dreamers and doers!  Get ready for a summer of art, science and the great outdoors.  With eight amazing themes, projects and handfuls of excursions, campers will jump into a world filled with possibility.

Week 1: Outward Boundless

(Ages 8 – 13)

June 20 – 24 

In Outward Boundless, campers will be pushed to their limits on the edge of adventure! We are headed out into the world to explore the fascinating lands that surround us. Serene hikes, pristine waters, and astonishing architecture are just some of the experiences that await us. Not only that, we will engage in exciting challenges and games along the way, culminating in a day at the Santa Monica Pier! Rides, arcade games, and fun adventures await. Are you ready to kick off the summer the right way?!


Week 2: Mysteries, Escape Rooms, Strategic Games and Perplexing Puzzles

(Ages 8 – 11)

June 27 – July 1

Are you ready to play a physical adventure game where players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy? Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush of completing tasks in a limited amount of time? Campers will be immersed in a variety of fictional locations, such as underground labs, dangerous dungeons and stellar space stations where they will rely on their teams ability to think beyond the ordinary to escape in extraordinary fashion! Are you ready to escape, or will you stay trapped in The Realm FOREVER…?

Week 3: The Science of EVERYTHING!

(Ages 8 – 13)

July 5 – 8

Get ready for some amazing science with our resident Mad Scientists Nathan and Josh! Campers will make their observations, pose their questions, and blast off into a scientific world filled with mind boggling discovery! it’s a fine line between magic and science and we will investigate that line! Throw in a couple of chemically induced pranks, explosive chemical reactions, and we will definitely blow the lid of this summer’s cap of fun! Campers will not only get to practice these experiments, tricks, and techniques but will also leave with a written guide for doing all over again on their own time!

Week 4: Builder’s Paradise & Inventors Forum

(Ages 8 – 11)

July 11 – 15

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention, but during this week of camp, our spirit of adventure (and need for fun) will guide us! We will be building collaborative Rube Goldberg machines that will take on the simplest tasks in the most complex and zany ways, test our luck at a home-made catapult competition and invent new toys, games, fashions and even reinvent ourselves in the process! Kids will also collaborate on a giant tree house to be displayed at the end of the week!  Adventurers will build their own fro-yo creations at Yogurtland  and have fun in the sun at the Beach!

Week 5: Realm Amusement Park and Arcade

(Ages 8 – 11)

July 18 – 22

This week, we’re going to build a carnival, arcade, and a mini golf course! Daily Santa Monica Pier Trips to explore and experience and “research” the games and rides we will be recreating. We will sample a food each day as well to recreate back at Realm. For a bit of exercise and cool off we will stop by swings and rings and maybe dip our feet in the ocean. The final day Carnival Realm will open for the littles and families as well for more “amusing” fun!

Week 6: Wizards, Witches, and Spells 

(Ages 8 – 11)

July 25 – 29

Summoning all wizards and witches for a mystical week of magic and supernatural adventures, games and creations. The greatest Magicians of all time, from Gandalf and Merlin, to Saruman and The Wicked Witch, will guide us and share their knowledge. Armed with our own magically crafted wands and Dragonskin Covered Spell and Sketchbooks, we will conjure our Animal Familiars, Brew Elixirs, and create other worldly art projects. Channel your inner oracle, and foretell the future with astragalomancy and bones, tea readings and crystal balls. In the afternoon, join an epic Quidditch tournament, practice your divinatory prowess in wizarding games, and finally, harness the power of the Moon and Tides with an afternoon adventure at the beach. Your D&D campaigns, role playing games and fantasy creations will never be the same after this exciting week!

Week 7: Gamers on ADVENTURES!

(Ages 8 – 13)

Aug 1 – 5

Weird and Wild! – This week we are going to check out the coolest places in LA. Have you ever been to the Museum of Jurassic Technology? What about the abandoned LA Zoo? We will explore the most unique destinations in and around the city while also spending time in some of its most beautiful settings. We will also be heading to the beach but not just any beach, THE best beach in Southern California – Point Dume or El Matador (or both) – depending on the tide! Our adventures will also take us into the mountains! There are some amazingly beautiful treasures hidden right in our backyard including the Jim Morrison Caves, Eagle and Vasquez Rocks, and Malibu Creek! The world is our oyster so let’s crack it open!

Week 8: Natural Wonders – Soakin’ up Summer Adventure 

(Ages 8 – 11)

Aug  8 – 12

Our last week, in true Realm fashion, will be a crazy, zany, fun-filled week of thinking Outside the Box. Breakfast for lunch? Sure! Painting with our nose? Why not! Building a raft to sail at the beach? Of Course! This week will be filled with surprises – put on your seatbelts and away we go!

COSTS (Does not include week #3)

  • 5 day week – Full Day                    9am-3pm             $500/week 
  • 5 day week – Extended Day          9am-5pm             $650/week
  • Daily camp rates are not available       

**Week #3 is a 4-day camp week

  • 4 day week – Full Day                   9am-3pm             $400/week
  • 4 day week – Extended Day         9am-5pm.            $520/week

There is a $15 fee per occurrence for any early drop offs or late picks ups.


No refunds are given for missed or canceled camp days.

  • Campers should come dressed in clothes they can get messy in.
  • Campers should bring a lunch, including snacks, and a water bottle.
  • Campers should come with sunscreen already applied.

* Parents, please be sure to pack ample food as campers burn a lot of energy and get very hungry!