Level Up Summer Camp 2021

Roots and Branches – Connectivity Camp (ages 5 – 8)

June 21st – July 30

As we dig our roots into yummy science experiments, questions about the universe, and tools to make us better citizens; We stretch our branches towards understanding what inspires us to learn, entices us to take creative risks, and explore what it means to be a peace-leader.  After a year of being apart, this camp is purposefully packed with learning opportunities to explore inside and outside the classroom while supporting kids as they reconnect, collaborate and work together!!

Half-Day Program (9am – 12pm)

During our morning hours, when our brains are fresh and ready for challenge, our learners will be sharpening their literacy, math and STEAM skills through games, stories, projects and more!  We will work on our communication skills and learning how to joyfully navigate a shared learning environment after being away from others for so long.

Full-Day Program (9am – 3pm)

After a morning of curiosity filled learning, for the second half of our day we are off into nature to enjoy the sun on our face, the breeze on our backs and the bounce in our step!  We will play team games, challenge our physical prowess, and GET DIRTY!! With the beach just 4 blocks away and a zillion great parks at our disposal, we will have never ending fun! 


Half Day Program $450/week

Full Day Program $650/week

**While this program runs for 6 weeks, you may choose to join us for only some of the weeks so that your family can have your own summer time fun!  

Level Up Adventure Camp (ages 8 – 13)

Weeks 9 & 10 (ages 5 – 13)

June 16 – August 18

Calling all innovators, creators, dreamers and doers!  Get ready for a summer of art, science and the great outdoors.  With ten amazing themes and handfuls of excursions, campers will jump into a world filled with possibility. 

Week 1: Fun, Sun & Surf

June 16 – 18 (W-F)

Let’s start the summer with a celebration of the amazing outdoors.  These days will be all about feeling the sun on our face, the wind on our back, and the surf at our feet.  Kids this week will travel outside of The REALM for fun in the sun.  Each day will begin with a dance party, arts and crafts, or games.  We will then head out to local parks and beaches to breath in the sweet fresh air!  Kids will get wet, play in mud, and enjoy being kids!  

Week 2: Outward Boundless       

June 21 – 25

This week is all about building grit, courage, and a sense of adventure! Each day, students will learn more about themselves and others through games, challenges, and mini-lessons on overcoming fears, the power of positive thinking, and developing a powerful growth mindset. They will then be given the opportunity to challenge their growth through conquering some amazing tasks:  challenging obstacle courses, flying through the air on the trapeze at the Santa Monica Pier, and learning to surf at the Santa Monica beach!  Other excursions will include rock climbing, hiking, and more!! Come with us and live on the edge of awesome.

Week 3: Mysteries, Escape Rooms, and Perplexing Puzzles      

June 28 – July 2

Are you ready to play a physical adventure game where players solve a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy? Do you enjoy the adrenaline rush of completing tasks in a limited amount of time? Campers will be immersed in a variety of fictional locations, such as underground labs, dangerous dungeons and stellar space stations where they will rely on their teams ability to think beyond the ordinary to escape in extraordinary fashion! Are you ready to escape, or will you stay trapped in The Realm FOREVER…?

Week 4: Monster’s Burrow – Sometimes Fierce, Sometimes Furry, Sometimes Smelly

July 5 – 9

Fairies, monsters and beasties, OH MY! This week will be filled with the curiosities of myths, fairytales and our own imaginations.  Kids will create magical fairy tree houses, hungry monster pouches and fabulous mixed media beasties that have never before been seen!  At the park, we will find fairy homes and play monster tag as we enjoy the summer sun!!

Week 5: Wonderfully Gross Underground Science

July 12 – 16

Get ready for some amazingly gross science with the Mad Scientist! Our young scientists will make their observations, pose their questions, and begin their scientific journeys.  These budding scientists will learn all about the skin while creating their very own Edible Skin Model. They will learn why snot (yes, snot) is green, all while finding out fun facts about vomit, the digestive system, blood, and poop.  But wait…that’s not all! They will explore the Ooze and Goos of Science with magnetic slime and lava lamps, AND they will investigate BUGS!

Week 6: Realm Amusement Park and Arcade 

July 19 – 23

Campers will create small versions of amazing carnival rides, delve into a collaborative carousel project, build marble runs and play with Newton’s laws of gravity. Campers will also experiment with centripetal force to gain some insight into how it all works!  Adventurers will head to the California Science Center, Tongva Park and the Beach for more “amusing” fun! 

Week 7: Lights, Camera, Action! 

July 26 – 30

For this week of camp, go big or go home!!  Campers will learn the art of Improv through ridiculous and imagination inspiring games! They will work on scenes, create the back drops and let their talents shine for all to see on Friday. Adventurers will head to the Santa Monica Pier, and will create an outdoor adventure film at The Beach and finish our week with a performance that will rock our socks off!

(*Due to COVID safety protocol, we have replaced both Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and Temscal Canyon trips with local spots, The Pier and The Beach)

Week 8: Greek It Out – The REALM Time Machine

Aug 2 – 6

Jump into our Time Machine and join us for some incredible moments in time.  We will delve into ancient Greek myths, create our own coliseum and proudly show off our Toga styles at our own ancient fashion show!. Through theater, storytelling, building and art, campers will be immersed in the past. We will finish our travel through time with our own version of The Olympics full of ridiculous minute-to-win-it games challenging our strength, coordination and teamwork!

Week 9: If You Build It….Ultimate Architects & Inventors Forum 

Aug  9 – 13

It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention, but during this week of camp, our spirit of adventure (and need for fun) will guide us! We will be building collaborative Rube Goldberg machines that will take on the simplest tasks in the most complex and zany ways, test our luck at a home-made catapult competition and invent new toys, games, fashions and even reinvent ourselves in the process! Kids will also collaborate on a giant tree house to be displayed at the end of the week!  Adventurers will check out the structures throughout LA on their way to local parks have fun in the sun at the Beach!

Week 10: Beach Balls and Boogie Boards – Soakin’ up Summer

Aug 16 – Aug 18 (M-W)

Our last week, in true Realm fashion, will be a crazy, zany, fun-filled week of thinking Outside the Box. Breakfast for lunch? Sure! Painting with our nose? Why not! Building a raft to sail at the beach? Of Course! This week will be filled with surprises – put on your seatbelts and away we go!


  • 5 day week – Full Day                    9am-3pm             $400/week 
  • Daily camp rates are not available       

**Weeks 1 and 10 are each 3 days of camp

  • 3 day week – Full Day                   9am-3pm             $240/week
  • Daily rate – Full Day                     9am-3pm.            $80/per day

There is a $10 fee for any early drop offs or late picks ups.


No refunds are given for missed or canceled camp days.

  • Campers should come dressed in clothes they can get messy in.
  • Campers should bring a lunch, including snacks, and a water bottle.
  • Campers should come with sunscreen already applied.
  • Campers are required to wear masks.

* Parents, please be sure to pack ample food as campers burn a lot of energy and get very hungry!

And there’s more!

Dungeons and Dragons (ages 10-14)

(Tuesdays and Thursdays)

June 15 – July 1

July 27 – August 12


Dungeons and Dragons will take place online, via Zoom!

Embark on an epic adventure to save the princess!.. or find treasures of untold value… or maybe just become the ruler of the world. Dungeons & Dragons is a team-oriented role-playing game where kids get to explore their individuality and creativity. We will take on alternative personas and work together to overcome challenges with a combination of strategy, teamwork, and imagination.

D&D Session 1 (June 15th – July 1st) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00 – 5:30pm

D&D Session 2 (July 27th – August 12th) Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm – 5:30pm

  • Each session cost $200