I love being able to empower students to think creatively, write with passion and discover enjoyment in reading. In addition to teaching literacy, I also love teaching and learning about positivity, self-improvement and mindfulness, and am passionate about opening myself and others up to new cultures and ways of thinking. When I’m not teaching, you’ll most likely find me buried in a book, brewing large quantities of chai, or blogging away at In 2015, I completed a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Creative Writing and International Politics. A few weeks later, I left my hometown, my family, the kangaroos and the delicious vegemite of Australia, as I embarked on a new adventure to Los Angeles! I’m so grateful that I happened to stumble into Realm, and wish there could have been ‘a Realm’ around where I was growing up! For me, the Realm encapsulates so much that I love – creativity, openness and inspirational people! It’s the coolest place to work and an honor to share my passions.