Payment Information

• For the Spring 2019 semester, the deadline for dropping a class is January 29, 2019.  There is a minimum drop fee of $35 per class.  No refunds are available for classes dropped later than January 29.  All classes must be dropped by emailing cyndy@realmacademy.com.

• If a payment plan is set up, a $100 late fee will be assessed for any payment date that is missed.  Payment plans are offered at The REALM’s discretion.

• Returned checks will incur a $25 fee.

• The Spring 2019 semester classes and costs exclude the following weeks / days from classes, tutoring, and music lessons:

– Feb 14             : Community Day
– Apr 3 – 5         : Parent-Teacher Conferences
– Apr 8 – 19       : Spring Break
– May 27           : Memorial Day

• Cost is based on enrollment, not on attendance. There are no refunds if a student misses a class, a tutoring session, or a music lesson.

• There are no refunds for missed or cancelled camp days.

• A $15 fee will be assessed for children who are not picked up within 10 minutes of the end of their class.


– Contact cyndy@realmacademy.com to schedule your appointment to register for classes.
– Forward your invoice to your Charter School ES to have your PO created.
– Once your PO is received by The REALM, it will be applied to your remaining invoice balance.
– Charter funds will be spread evenly over the remaining payment plan payments.
– Once applied, your payments (if applicable) on your payment plan will be reduced to reflect the new balance.


Please feel free to contact Cyndy with any questions you may have or for additional assistance.

Payment Due Dates

In order to have your invoice put on a payment plan, a credit card is required. You may choose to have your credit card automatically charged at the applicable date listed below, or you may choose an alternative payment type, such as to bring in a check.

Please note that if you select an alternative payment type and the payment is not made within 5 days of the due date, the credit card that was provided originally will be charged.  There will be a $100 late fee for any payments that are not made within 5 days of the payment due date.

1st payment – 33% due at time of registration
2nd payment – 33% due by March 1
3rd payment – balance due by April 15

Private Lesson Policy

The REALM Creative Academy’s Private Lesson Policy applies to all tutoring and music lessons. The REALM Creative Academy is committed to creating a positive learning and teaching environment for its students and staff. For this reason, it is important that all students and parents understand and abide by the policies as outlined below.

The REALM Creative Academy accepts private tutoring and music students of all ages and abilities year-round, based on availability. New students may register by contacting Cyndy Lunn at cyndy@realmacademy.com.

If a student needs to cancel a tutoring session or a music lesson, The REALM does not adjust invoices nor issue refunds.  You are, however, welcome to set up a make-up time with your teacher if a mutually agreeable time can be worked out.

Private lessons for the session can be paid in full at time of registration, or can be paid according to the current semester’s payment schedule. To set up a payment plan, a credit card is required to be on file.  When a registration is processed, an invoice will be emailed to the primary email address in the student’s profile. Payment may also be made in-person via credit card, cash or check.

Camp Days & Holidays
Private lessons may be impacted by scheduled holidays or camps. Please review your invoice for included tutoring or lesson dates, and discuss any additional arrangements with Cyndy.

Instructor Cancellations
The REALM will credit your account or reschedule lessons that we are unable to provide. If a teacher must cancel a music lesson or tutoring session, the lesson will either be credited or rescheduled.

Two weeks (14 days) notice is required to discontinue lessons without penalty.
Please email cyndy@realmacademy.com to provide notice of discontinuation. Do not give notice to your instructor as notifying your instructor does not constitute proper notice.

The REALM Creative Academy reserves the right to discontinue lessons should a student’s payments or attendance become inconsistent or sporadic.