Hello there! My name is Kalen and I hail from Phoenix, Arizona. I know, it can be hot but it’s a dry heat – at least what they say. But, who are ‘they’ anyway? Okay, Kalen, get it together. Bio time.

Eh hm…I’m trying to encapsulate who I am in this bio, but it’s incredibly difficult. I mean, as someone who avoids labels I don’t like to be confined to a page. However, I do recognize that I must introduce myself. So here we go.

I am a certified Yoga instructor, Reiki healer and Astrologer. I also hold my Masters in Industrial Organizational Psychology and plan to pursue my PhD.

I truly believe that children are the future (ala Whitney Houston) and I have a strong desire to encourage, inspire and empower their beautiful minds to reach for the stars.

Peace Out. (mic drop)