Covid-19: REALM Response

While COVID19 continues to disrupt life here in Los Angeles, the REALM is committed to keeping our kids, families, and community safe. Now more than ever, helping with your child’s education during this extraordinarily challenging time is our number one priority.

Covid-19 Safety Protocols at The REALM

It is time to refresh our goals, refresh our mindsets, and repave the path for a splendid year! 

The REALM teachers are hard at work studying, planning, designing, and inventing new and exciting classes for all the extraordinary humans joining us next week.  

We know the news tells us a story about the world that can feel heavy at times.  Here is another story that we want you to hear.  

This semester is going to be great! We are going to explore the wonders of our planet and its inhabitants. We are going to attempt to connect, travel, and unite safely.  We are experimenting with ways to be creative.  We want to learn about great minds in our world and try on different thoughts.  Lastly, we are going to remind each human how loved and uniquely wonderful they are. That is the plan.  Thanks for coming on board.  

As you know, while we are paving this path towards great experiences, learning, and memory making, we also have to contend with the world and its health.  As you all know, we are in a pocket of time of inflamed cases of COVID. Here is what the REALM is going to do to take the best care we can of our community.  

We are requesting that kids and teachers are tested 24hrs prior to the first day of classes. PCR tests are preferred, but at home tests will also be accepted. All results should be sent to Talia. If you have recently had COVID and are now symptom free, we recommend taking an at home test as you will most likely continue to test positive with a PCR test for weeks after recovery. Should your child exhibit any symptoms, please avoid bringing them anywhere near The REALM!  🙂 


In addition, here are some current protocols to follow to know what is requested should your family members get COVID. 


New Quarantine and Isolation Protocols

You may be aware that last week the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health (LACDPH) updated the quarantine and isolation guidelines. Here are the updates that we are implementing starting on Jan. 19th as described below:

  1. Vaccinated students, who are asymptomatic and exposed, who test negative may stay in The REALM.
  2. Unvaccinated students who are asymptomatic and exposed may return to The REALM on the sixth day of quarantine with a negative antigen test on day five, or may return back in 10 days without a test if they are asymptomatic.
  3. Vaccinated AND unvaccinated students who test positive, now have the option to shorten the isolation time of returning to The REALM on the sixth day of quarantine with a negative antigen test on day five or back in 10 days without a test if asymptomatic.

Knowing that the more significant health risks are for those unvaccinated versus those who are vaccinated, and in an abundance of caution and consistent with LACDPH requirements, we are requiring those who are not fully vaccinated to stay home until the end of their quarantine. We are also asking families to monitor and communicate to school administration any development of symptoms during the quarantine period.

Thanks everybody for working together on keeping the community safe so that we can accomplish our life missions of pursuing enriching, amazing, life changing learning and life experiences!! Jump into your Google Classroom and GET EXCITED!! We can’t wait for this semester.

For more specific guidelines on the measures that we have taken to support the health and well being of our community, check out The REALM COVID-19 Safety Protocols (It’s a very exciting read 🙂  We are also following best practices as outlined by:

LA County Health and Human Services:
Santa Monica Cuty Resources:


Building Character During COVID – 19

Right now, our kids are learning amazing lessons in resilience, fortitude, flexibility and humanity. If they pick up a little math along the way, that is great. 🙂 Stay connected, be calm, embrace the moment.

Check out our Parent Resource on Building Character During Covid-19

Here is an excellent blog NOT about what are kids have lost during COVID, but what they have learned. 

Gratefully Accepting Donations

If you are able, we ask that you donate to the REALM during these uncertain times. Our teachers are working tirelessly to bring joy, fun and learning to the community while they, themselves are struggling to adjust to the “new normal.”

Your donations go directly towards continuing to cover payroll for our teachers as we push forward through these challenging times. Any donation is greatly appreciated and WILL make a difference!

  • Donate by check: made out to The REALM Creative Academy” and sent to The REALM, 400 Pico Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90405
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