Is The REALM a school?

No, we’re not a school. We are an enrichment center that offers classes in areas including academic, artistic, and personal growth. While some kids come to our center every day, they are either declared as homeschooled through a PSA or are enrolled in a non-brick and mortar Charter School such as Inspire, Sage Oak, or Sky Mountain.  See our How to Homeschool page for additional information on these options.


What ages does The REALM serve?

We host classes for elementary and middle school aged kids, and our camps are designed for 4 – 10 year-olds.


Do all REALM teachers hold California Teaching Credentials?

No. We believe we have some of the best teachers out there because they LOVE what they teach, they LOVE to learn and they see possibility and greatness in every kid. All of our teachers blow us away with the passion and knowledge they bring to their classes. They are who we want teaching our own kids. No credential can speak to those qualities with which we are most concerned.


Does The REALM give grades or transcripts?

No, we don’t, but we can provide families with a whole growth report upon request. The report is generated as a narrative from each teacher highlighting areas of growth, strength and support.


How do I check out The REALM?

Please come in and see what we do! You can schedule a tour by emailing info@realmacademy.com. Your child can always try out a class but we recommend trying at the beginning of a semester so that they are not trying to jump in mid-project! Our camps are also a great way for kids to step into The REALM. There they will meet our amazing staff and get a taste of limitless creativity!